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Jun 26, 2018

Tony McManus has come to be recognized throughout the world as the leading guitarist in Celtic Music. In Tony’s hands the complex ornamentation normally associated with fiddles and pipes are accurately transferred to guitar in a way that preserves the integrity and emotional impact of the music.

Show Notes:

In this episode Tony tells us what Celtic music is, his influences & background plus he demonstrates techniques on the guitar live for us.

4:53 Tony tells us what Celtic music is, where it’ from & describes the spirit behind it.

10:00 Tony plays his arrangement a popular Irish tune from the band “Planxty” – demonstrates scales in DADGAD tuning.

12:16 Tony shows fiddle ornamentation with the left hand.

13:05 Tony adds a bassline to the “Planxty” arrangement.

14:00 I ask Tony to play we reminice about meeting at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society in Nashville.

15:55 Tony talks about & demonstrates a piece with deft hammer ons – “Sandizan” by Soïg Siberil .

22:39 Similarities of ornamentation in middle eastern music to Irish music.

23:45 Teaching advanced students – getting them out of their comfort zone.

24:39 Demonstration of a piece in 9/8 time.

27:03 Tony admits limitations and likes the challenges.

27:23 Tony describes Beppe Gambetta’s guitar festival and how he began his explorations of Bach.

35:48 Fingernails & Technique – Tony uses nails like flatpicks.

37:39 Tony’s duo with Julia Koaspern.

38:50 Tony unveils a mini Mike Greenfield Guitar.

40:11 I ask Tony – what things should guitarists do differently?

43:07 Tony talks about Pat Metheny’s unexpected pick thickness.

44:40 Tony’s talks about his CD “Mysterious Boundaries” and upcoming CD projects.

50:00 Does Tony play other styles or instruments?

51:21 Parting thoughts – his wonder with music around the world & different cultures.


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