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Jun 28, 2018

Al Petteway is a Grammy & Indie Award Winner, best known for his lyrical and powerful fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing heard on dozens of recordings, instructional videos, and film soundtracks, including several PBS documentaries by Ken Burns, most notably the Emmy-winning film “The National Parks-America’s Best idea.”

Al’s compositions are strongly influenced by the Celtic, Folk, Rock and Blues styles he has performed in the studio and on stage with many of the best-known artists in those genres.

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout Podcast, Al Petteway gives his thoughts and insights on:

His wide array musical influences starting with Chet Atkins and the Beatles.

His upright bass studies in college, and how it influences his guitar playing.

His approach to solo guitar arranging, separation of parts, and technique.

His appreciation for melodic bass players like Jaco Pastorius and Paul McCartney.

The story behind his new CD, "The Collectors Passion", recorded on just an iPad and an inexpensive Roland interface.

His experiences of playing with other musicians who pushed him to new heights.

Thoughts on recording sessions, relaxation, mindset and spontaneity.

His personal journey with aging, arthritis and continuing playing.

Al's personal top 3 take-away tips for guitarists who want to improve dramatically.


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