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Jul 1, 2018

Bill Cooley has been called "one of Nashville's most respected sidemen" by Guitar Player Magazine.

He has toured and recorded with Kathy Mattea for over 28 years. Bill has also toured with Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire, and Alan Jackson to name a few.

Bill has released his fourth CD, "In Search of Home," a solo guitar album that made the Editor's List for Best Music of 2016 in Premier Guitar Magazine.


Show Notes: 


In this episode of the Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout Podcast, Bill Cooley and I chat about:

Bill's musical background and influences growing up in the 60's - from surf bands to Beatles to Leo Kottke.

His guitar teachers and the meaning they had in his life.

His new CD "In Search of Home" and his recording process * staying relaxed in the studio.

Bill tells about his sideman experience in Nashville starting in 1985.

His 28 year artistic relationship with Kathy Mattea.

The creative process they use to stay fresh and alert.

Bill's musical priority - conveying emotion.

His guitar technique & right hand concepts.

Bill talks about giving clinics at Berklee College of Music with Kathy Mattea.

What would Bill tell students to do? Find out...

Closing track - title track from new cd "In Search of Home"


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