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Jul 22, 2020

Summary, Episode 20:

Don Alder plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar with a passion that has quickly earned him a reputation as Vancouver’s “best kept little secret”. Don is a world-class fingerstyle guitarist with a “wow factor” that has let to multiple endorsement deals with major manufacturers and a collaboration with Greenfield guitars to produce a signature acoustic guitar- the “Don Alder G4” model.

Don currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His unique style of playing incorporates fingerpicking with simultaneous percussion on the soundboard to create a wall of sound.

He is often referred to as sounding like a four piece band. Don’s music is his own unique weave of deeply textured melody and story. Lyrical and compelling, his original songs are notes of exploration – some passionate and haunting, some hard-driven, others light and teasing.

In quiet pieces or pushing right to the edge, Don’s phenomenal fingerstyle playing and rich voice captivate.

“Alder can make a single instrument sound like a 4 piece band. The Guy’s like the acoustic Hendrix”. Picque News Magazine”

“Don is Canada’s secret fingerstyle weapon – it’s only a matter of time until everyone discovers this world class player. I am honored to have Don endorsing my guitars.” World Class Luthier, Michael Greenfield

(Timestamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 2:44 Welcome Don Alder!
  • 4:20 Don’s earliest musical inspirations
  • 8:34 Don gets an electric guitar in his hands for the first time
  • 14:02 Don starts playing in bands
  • 15:52 Don and the bass player’s onstage gun prank goes wrong
  • 19:42 Don explains how he started playing solo acoustic guitar
  • 22:39 Music – Don plays his composition “Fingers Fingers Fingers”
  • 27:30 Don becomes a studio player
  • 37:01 Don’s musical, color, touch, and his personal approach to the guitar – how to learn how to play like yourself
  • 46:07 At a live performance people are looking for a journey, they want to walk home with an experience
  • 52:04 Don’s advice he would like to give to more guitar players – more heart, play music not just songs and technique
  • 53:35 A fellow guitarist seeking advice writes a song for Don Alder
  • 57:31 Don’s message to all musicians
  • 58:58 Don’s last message to everyone!
  • 1:00:03 Ending credits and podcast contact info
  • 1:03:01 Music – Don plays his composition “Haunting Me”

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