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Oct 11, 2018

Interview with Sönke Meinen – Guitarist, Composer and Winner of the 2016 “Guitar Masters” Competition

Sönke Meinen is one of the new masters of the guitar. His technical prowess and poetic compositions leave listeners spellbound and guitarists asking “how does he do it?

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout Podcast, Sönke discusses his studies, his custom guitar by Christina Kobler, his creative process and more.

  • 2:02 Highlights of his visit to the Ullapool Guitar Festival
  • 4:31 Sönke describes his style
  • 6:43 His origins with classical, and exploring steel string after 8 years
  • 8:44 Studying with Reentko Dirks and the Dresden influence
  • 14:21 Sönke’s experience studying composition
  • 16:11 His approach to creativity and technique
  • 21:09 Writing music at the piano
  • 23:00 His comfort with nylon strings for melody
  • 24:08 His Christina Kobler “Crossover Model” guitar 
  • 26:34 Music Track: Perpetum Mobile (Solo Guitar)
  • 30:52 His duo with violinist Bjarke Falgren
  • 33:05 The new duo album “Postcard to Self”
  • 34:40 The recording process for the CD and videos
  • 36:54 His guitar vocal duo with Anna-Lucia Rupp
  • 39:05 Other music – his swing band experience with Phillip Weichert / Baroque playing
  • 41:03 Sönke’s #1 musical goal
  • 44:53 What music Sönke is listening to these days?
  • 46:50 Sönke takes issue with typical “Youtuber Guitarists”
  • 50:36 Upcoming tour dates in China, Germany, Austria
  • 54:53 Music Track: The Breeze and The Curtain (Duo with Bjarke Falgran, Violin)

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