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Oct 28, 2018

Steeped in the tradition of the folk guitar, but constantly refined by his classical studies, Ulli Bögershausen’s playing continues to leave audiences with the best of both worlds.

His playing has been called “breathtaking in its intertwined harmonies and its unfailing timing.” His performances have been considered “as if from a fairy tale”, and his albums have been regarded as models of “sensitive string wizardry” and of “guitar music for the 21st century”.

Besides touring and recording, Ulli is well known for his 16 guitar books. His collections of arrangements of famous pop songs are entitled “Personal Favorites” and “More Personal Favorites.” They continually around the world and help thousands of guitar players build their repertoire.

Show Notes:

In this episode Ulli and I chat about his classical guitar influence, technique, how he arranges, current projects, and how he is currently “hacking” Spotify 🙂.

  • 2:11 Welcome Ulli!
  • 4:48 Ulli’s earliest musical inspiration – the Beatles
  • 7:08 Ulli’s current inspirations & his Celtic explorations
  • 7:58 Why he’s leaning away from pop tunes and heading to lullabies & Celtic music
  • 14:46 Ulli’s technique concepts based in classical studies
  • 17:45 His step by step approach to creating arrangements
  • 20:20 Challenges of barre chords vs open strings
  • 22:50 We discuss cross string melodies for flow to keep the
  • guitar ringing.
  • 25:29 Music – Ulli plays “In A Constant State of Flux”
  • 28:30 Ulli’s approach to “hacking” Spotify through understanding
  • the algorithms
  • 35:47 Ulli’s new book and why the lessons are on Youtube – for free
  • 37:00 What’s in his new book?
  • 39:06 Ulli’s home based daily workshops.
  • 40:21 His history as a jazz record producer in the 1980’s
  • 45:15 Ulli’s experience in a band playing electric guitar
  • 46:44 Does Ulli have any other hobbies or interests? Find out…
  • 49:25 We talk about personal strengths and weaknesses
  • 52:00 Finding satisfaction in one’s own music
  • 53:21 What are his personal musical priorities?
  • 58:27 Ulli’s best advice for guitar players
  • 1:04 What does Ulli do every day to stay on point?
  • 1:06 Ulli’s simple studio setup.
  • 1:11 Music – Ulli plays “At the End of the Day”


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