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Nov 29, 2018

His roots lie in Gypsy Swing music, the style pioneered in the 1930s by the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Joscho Stephan has not merely absorbed this music, but also interprets it on the highest level and is actively engaged in extending its boundaries.

He has toured Australia with top guitarists Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel and has performed with his own bands (trio to quintett) on numerous important European festivals (among others in Slovenia, Italy, France, Poland and the UK) and of course on all the important Django Reinhardt Festivals

His debut album was named CD of the month by American Guitar Player magazine in July 2000. In May 2004 Acoustic Guitar magazine wrote that Joscho Stephan represented the future of the Gypsy jazz guitar tradition.

Show Notes:

In this episode Joscho and I chat about his early influences, current projects, guitars, picks, his online Gypsy Jazz Academy, keeping the “fire” in creativity and more…enjoy!

(Time stamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 2:11 Welcome Joscho!
  • 3:20 His interest in different styles & his fathers influence
  • 4:08 Joscho’s early classical guitar lessons
  • 5:00 His interest in improvisation
  • 5:17 Discovering Django Reinhardt
  • 9:38 His philosophy “music is a language”
  • 11:26 We talk about his online school
  • 16:12 Joscho gives me (and us) a lesson on 6th chords
  • 21:00 I ask Joscho use the left hand pinky…or just 3 fingers, and why?
  • 27:52 Picks – what’s best for Gypsy Jazz Guitar?
  • 30:28 Joscho talks about his Juergen Volkert D Hole guitar
  • 33:09 His latest direct to disc (as in vinyl) recording
  • 36:10 How the audience’s presence affects the bands sound
  • 37:50 MUSIC TRACK – Joscho, Tommy Emmanuel & his band play “Blues for Tommy” 
  • 41:08 Joscho’s “other” playing styles
  • 43:38 What’s in Joscho’s guitar collection?
  • 45:16 He talks about his recording of “Hey Joe” on the “Guitar Heroes” CD (800K youtube views!)
  • 48:23 Joscho’s combination concept for music projects
  • 50:18 What are Joscho’s hobbies outside music?
  • 51:38 How he started collecting vinyl LP’s
  • 53:42 Joscho’s convertible & enjoying it
  • 53:26 We talk about staying healthy & in shape on the road
  • 56:42 Staying “on fire” regarding creativity & attitude
  • 57:39 What advice can Joscho give musicians about practicing, rehearsal & stage performance?
  • 59:40 Practicing technical things vs performance skills, trying new ideas.
  • 1:06:03 Discovering new music online & going to other concerts to listen
  • 1:12:30 MUSIC TRACK – Joscho, Stochelo Rosenberg & his band play “Blues for Stochelo”

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