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Dec 22, 2018

Petteri Sariola (1984) is a fingerstyle virtuoso and a singer/songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. He’s known for his fierce live performances, beautiful songwriting and percussive approach on the acoustic guitar.

Sariola has been awarded with Nokia Young Talent scholarship, Honorary Prize in the Helsinki Funk Awards and been on the cover “Frets” (USA) and twice on the cover of Akustik Gitarre (DE), the biggest acoustic guitar magazine of Europe.

Petteri has opened concerts for Tori Amos (USA), Andy McKee (USA) and Rodrigo Y Gabriela (MEX), to name a few.

His brand new solo album “Resolution” has received raving reviews and it concludes a 10 year project of creating a trilogy of albums containing original compositions.


Show Notes:

In this episode Petteri Sariola and I chat about his influences, classical studies, gear, the “meaning of song” and more…enjoy!

(Time stamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 3:43 Petteri talks about his inspiration & influences – Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Green Day & Living Color
  • 5:05 Early on – seeing his mom on stage
  • 6:00 His 10 years of classical studies, how it shaped him
  • 8:07 Benefits of classical study, what it’s good for and what it’s not
  • 15:56 His vital musical relationship with his brother
  • 16:45 Indian solfeggio & African percussion studies
  • 23:58 Music Track “The Clockwork”
  • 27:00 His bands – “The Northern Governors” & “Dead Sirius 3000”
  • 28:52 I ask Petteri about his playing approach & equipment
  • 30:30 Network Connection Breakdown – Sorry!
  • 30:55 New network connection – playing technique & live sound
  • 31:29 Petteris concept regarding “the 80 possible movements” of the hands
  • 33:45 His live sound
  • 37:34 Using several pickups & his pedalboard & mixer
  • 39:52 His mixer QSC Touch mix 16
  • 43:20 Currently learning jazz chops & electronic music hip hop & techno
  • 50:17 What music is Petteri listening to lately?
  • 52:57 Petteri’s advice to guitarists
  • 54:19 The importance of ballads & resisting “clickbait” flashy online playing
  • 58:03 His vocal studies & newest CD “Resolution”
  • 59:11 The importance & message of “the song”
  • 1:00:11 Concerto de Aranjuez – I tell the story
  • 1:02:11 Outgrowing older songs – and can you play them now?
  • 1:13:18 Music Track – guitar & vocals “Howling at the Moon”

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