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Apr 2, 2019

Stephan Bormann is a guitarist with extreme openness and versatility. With a strong foundation in jazz, he adds creative fun and unique sounds to the music that he plays and helps shape projects with his individual style. 

His love of the music of America, Scandinavia, Africa, and Brazil make him a world traveler on the guitar, versatile in many styles and familiar with the various facets of the instrument.

He’s the author of the well-loved definitive guitar arranging bible entitled “Solo Guitar Book” and teaching guitar at the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden since 1994, where he is a professor of guitar jazz, rock, and pop.


Show Notes:

In this episode Stephan and I talk about his musical roots in Communist (DDR) East Germany, his book “Solo Guitar Book”, his 16 string resonator guitar, and more….enjoy!

(Time stamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 3:17 Stephan’s musical beginnings in Communist Germany (DDR)
  • 5:50 Buying records in Germany behind the wall
  • 13:04 Stephan’s inspiration to play guitar
  • 15:29 His jazz guitar influence
  • 16:40 The inspiration of “Friday Night in San Fransisco”
  • 18:33 Stephan’s “Aliquot” resonator 18 string guitar by Oliver Klaproth
  • 22:52 Music Track “Elevation Of Love by Esbjörn Svensson”
  • 26:19 Different guitars for different sounds
  • 28:24 Going deep into the musical moment
  • 31:42 Meeting his musical soulmates
  • 36:36 His longtime projects – duo with Thomas Fellow and a duo with Cristin Class
  • 40:00 The teaching philosohy at the Musik Hochshule in Dresden
  • 43:37 Discovering and supporting the special talents of students
  • 45:58 His best musical advice
  • 46:54 About his “Solo Guitar Book”
  • 55:22 Music Track “Don’t Give Up” – 10 String Orchestra
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