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May 2, 2019

Andrea Valeri is defined as the “Prince of the Acoustic guitar” and is now a veteran of many of the biggest stages around the globe. He’s toured from Australia to New Zealand, from Russia to Canada, from Europe to the African continent.

At eighteen Andrea was awarded the title of “Italian musical excellence.” He has already released 6 solo albums, the most recent Mediterraneo “(2016).

Veteran Guitarists are calling him a rising “Star of the guitar world.” Just listen to his music to find out why…

Show Notes:

In this episode Andrea and I talk about his earliest musical inspirations, his current Euro Orchestra Project, his “Tuscany Guitar Camp” and more…enjoy!

(Time stamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 3:13 Guitar was a happy accident
  • 4:05 Andrea’s “missing finger”
  • 5:11 How he got inspiration from TV show themes
  • 7:27 Influences: Mark Knopfler, Paco De Lucia, Tommy Emmanuel & Michael Fix
  • 14:09 His Euro Orchestra Project
  • 17:07 New CD with Orchestra
  • 21:00 How Andrea comes up with musical ideas
  • 23:30 His musical dedication to Nicolas Tesla
  • 28:53 Listen to Andrea play “With my Fathers Eyes” from his CD “Mediterraneo”
  • 32:22 Andrea’s “Tuscany Guitar Camp”
  • 45:56 His film music writing projects
  • 47:10 Other hobbies & interests – archaeology, history, geology, Ancient Greece
  • 52:14 Andrea’s best advice to musicians…

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