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Jun 17, 2019

Over the past 25 years, Michael Fix has released fifteen albums, together with several DVD’s, songbooks, singles and EPs, tours internationally each year, and has established himself as one of Australia’s finest guitarists and composers, writing evocative music for television, film and documentaries.

He’s won numerous awards for his music, and is a Maton guitar endorsee (with his own signature model guitar), his guitar workshops are in high demand all over Australia and internationally.

As a record producer working from his own studio in Brisbane, he is in great demand. He’s toured and recorded with a diverse range of artists, and regularly appears at festivals and concerts throughout the world.


Show Notes:

In this episode Michael and I talk about his philosophy, his approach to guitar, technique, stage sound and more.

(Time stamps are for audio version of the podcast.)

  • 3:20 How Michael got started with guitar
  • 6:21 Motivation from real life lessons
  • 7:41 His advice – find a teacher who inspires
  • 8:12 Danger of Youtube “only” learning
  • 17:53 Listening to Chet, Jerry & Merle records with Tommy Emmanuel
  • 19:18 Music Track: Tangalooma Sunset
  • 22:10 Michael talks about his technical approach
  • 28:21 Michael tour – the Acoustic Guitar Spectacular
  • 32:20 His life as a composer & producer for film, music libraries and more
  • 46:26 Michael talks about Maton Guitars & hios signature model
  • 53:22 I ask Michael about his live sound setup
  • 55:46 Michael’s best advice for musicians
  • 1:04:19 Michael’s Austrian (EU) Summer Workshop (Aug 2019)
  • 1:08:22 Music Track: Coppertown Blues

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